Fiber Auction Score

So back in November, when we visited our family in Pennsylvania, we hit an auction at the auction house my mom frequents. Coincidentally, the auction contained the estate of a woman who was a fiber artist. There were looms, spinning wheels, finished weaving pieces, fiber art books and supplies galore. It was amazing and sobering to see the tools and work of a woman who had very similar interests to Laura and I, spread out and being snapped up by bidders. But it was neat too, the woman who bought a box of hand cards is starting her own small sheep farm and has been looking for carding tools. 

Laura bought barrels of fiber. One of the highlights was a box full of naturally dyed samples, circa 1963, all carefully labelled. 

The colors were still vibrant.

Lots of indigo and yellows overdyed with indigo.

Golds and ochres.

Pinks and reds- plenty of cochineal here! 

Browns and naturals. 

These tiny skiens are so cool and special, but neither of us had a great idea about how we could use them. Or if Laura did, she didn't mention it beause here's one of the gifts she gave me for Christmas- 

It's hanging in my studio.

Not sure what I love more, the yarn samples or the tags. 

Tomorrow I'll show you all the handspun and linen from the auction, lots of beautiful neutrals.