Hello! Laura here. I'm so glad to be getting back to posting. I've missed sharing my life and creative output. I have been in a blogging and crafting funk while being utterly consumed by working on our new land:

For months cellulose has been my fiber of choice as we've built garden beds-with wood milled from our own cedar trees, built an outhouse with 95% scrounged materials-I'll share photos soon-and are in the middle of building a little studio/retreat. We had a work party to clear brush, Strider graded the site with a friend's tractor, then Strider and I got to work with shovels on one of the hottest weekends of the summer digging 12 big holes for piers. (Thanks to Katie and Michael for babysitting!) I'll spare you the blow by blow, but here is a big moment-the first wall in place. This is facing south-that's why there are such big windows, and it is 10 feet tall.

(On the left in this photo is my garden with the aforementioned cedar raised beds in the back and 2 hugelkultur beds in the foreground.) Hmm, it is hard to wield a hammer and a camera so jumping ahead quite a bit, here we've got all the walls up and the roof on:

Finally get to use some of the lumber we had sawn last summer:


This is where we are now. We had to wait to side the front/south wall so we could blow insulation in between the floor joists. Fabricating a window for the middle of this wall out of some double pane glass panels from the Habitat Re-Store is the next step.

Looking forward to sharing our progress as it unfolds. I've recently taken some tentative steps back to actively making stuff-other than buildings. With embroidery, quilting, knitting, and  Alabama Stitch projects all underway, I think the fog has lifted.