Play Food Carving Tutorial: Green Beans

Today's tutorial is a super-simple one. More of a suggestion really than a complete how-to. I wanted to make some green beans for the play kitchen, but couldn't figure out how to get them slightly curved like real green beans are.  

But then I remembered if you cut wood that's green and fresh,

(these twigs are a scant 1/4" thick)

Remove the inner and outer bark,

Cut into pieces, carefully bend into place and leave overnight, 

(I used my Ikea patio chair)

The now-dry pieces will stay like that. 

Then it's just a matter of refining the ends, remember one end is pointy-er than the other on green beans, and adding paint. See the post on cukes for more on painting. 

Done! Some fresh green beans. See here for all the carving tutorials so far. 

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