Play Ironing Board Preview

Our homeschool cooperative is back in session and we are all so excited to spend time with friends, work on projects and learn together. Avery is in the preschool group and the theme for the first few weeks is "home and family." We already have a play kitchen in the space, but I've always wanted to add a play ironing board so the kids could wash and iron things. 

Yesterday, I thought I'd whip up a simple ironing board before lunch, then put together the tutorial to post here. Only one of those things happened.

Designing and building this "simple" thing took me just about all day yesterday. I'm still not quite done, I am going to touch up the paint on the dowel ends and add a shim under one of the feet. Like designing knitting patterns, woodworking aparently includes lots of math, and I found myself searching for the equations to figure the angle and length of the legs; I don't think I've done that kind of math since 9th grade. 

But it was fun, and once again, I'm marveling at the magic of turning a pile of beat-up scrap lumber to this- 

This whole set cost me nothing. The iron is made from the scraps of wood thrown in the dumpsters at Berea College Student Crafts' woodcraft building. It's cherry and poplar. The ironing board is made from a board I had around and the legs are from our studio demo project. 

I'm trying to learn Google SketchUp as a way to post these plans, but might just resort to drawing it in Illustrator, I'm having a hard time with SketchUp. So stay tuned for the plans soon.