New Skills Festival

Jo at "A Bit of this and Bit of that" is hosing a month-long New Skills Festival. There will be a new tutorial or project each day in September. I have a new play food carving tutorial coming up towards the middle of the month, but meanwhile, I was captivated by an early post in the series- Debbie's introduction to Etegami

Etigami is simple and imperfect Japanese mail art. It also includes a few words.  

Image from Etegami by Dosanko Debbie

The wavy black lines are made by moving your brush slowly across the paper. 

Image from Etegami by Dosanko Debbie

I even bought one (make that two!) of her pieces- she has an Etsy shop for finished originals as well as blank paper for trying to make some etegami yourself. Here is the first one I chose:

Then when I was preparing this post I went back to her shop and knew I would be sad if I missed out on this one- 

We are just ending a cicada-filled summer, so this one seems fitting. 

I look forward to seeing the other guest posts this month, do check it out

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