Summer's Stitching

The timing on my new scarf is perfect, I cast off just as it has turned into the time of year when I wish I had something cozy to wrap up in. The yarn is  Noro Nobori Katie picked up for me. After only working with wool yarn, this is appealingly soft and squishy stuff-plus it's got a rainbow. Love it.

I have plans for big bunches of colorful pom poms on the ends....But before I go into pom pom production mode, I have got to finish a summer project before my opportunity to wear it passes:

A tank dress from Alabama Studio Style-half way done! I stenciled the roses all the way around the hem and a bit on the back at the neck. All I have to do is fell the seams, oh, and make the entire back. I dyed this grey jersey, it was so easy to use Procion dye after always messing around with natural dyes...

Another time sensitive project, this one for winter-quilts for my boys' beds.

I hoped I'd have enough scraps to do this without buying any fabric...Well, this has not panned out, but the idea that it might got me started on a project I put off too long. I'm making log cabin blocks-96 of them-they are scrappy half yellow, half dark-black, navy or brown. You know how there are many ways to arrange log cabin blocks? I'm having Eli and Isaac choose how they want their quilt blocks arranged, so the quilts will match, but they won't be identical. Finally, we have been getting ready for cold weather in our little building too:

After installing the insulation in the ceiling and floor ourselves, we hired a crew to put it in the walls. A great time to not DIY!