My first Alabama Chanin style project

I injured my shoulder last week with a combination of heavy leather cutting and a new power yoga class and took a sandal-making break, so it's nice to do some different crafting in the interim. Last week Laura taught a free class for adults at our public library and the topic was how to make Alabama Chanin style t-shirts. She supplied all the stencils, paint, fabric and thread and showed us the steps involved. Then we sat there and stitched and chatted for two hours. It was lovely.

Laura's made many clothes using Natalie Chanin's excellent books and I've always so wanted to make my own garment in this style (maybe a dress like this?) so this is a good first step. I got started at the class:

And finished this little rooster that night when I came home, pretty instant gratification! 

I still need to cut away some of the black areas, but I can't find my tiny sharp scissors. I messed around with placement so the rooster is peeking out on the front of the shirt and you can see his tail on the back of the shirt.