Carving play food Tutorial: Sweet Corn

Today's tutorial is seasonally fitting for my family.

A fresh ear of sweet corn! This is the first time I used a piece of felted wool sweater instead of wool felt for the leaves and it worked just fine. The way the sweater pieces wrinkled and stretched in the washer made them look more organic and life-like than a piece of stiff felt, a happy surprise. 

To make this you'll need-


-wood piece- I used a scrap of pine 2x4 that was about 6" long because I had trouble with one of my carrots splitting. There are ways to slow down the drying of the piece to prevent cracking, so you could use green wood, but with something this chunky, I think dry wood is best. Plus, it's easier for most people to acquire. 
-yellow watercolor paint 
-beeswax or polish


-knife (see here for more on knives)
-drill, 1/4" drill bit 

Follow the directions for shaping the cucumber, but make one of the ends pointy. I didn't do it intentionally, but the rough, choppy cutting on my piece makes it look like there are corn kernels on the ear. 

Drill a hole in the blunt end of the corn.

Paint with water color paint. 

Cut out some green husks.

Glue the husks and a stem into the hole drilled on the end. 

Finish the ear of corn with some beeswax or polish. 

Here is the corn with everything I've made so far- see here for all the tutorials. 

The green beans will be featured next week, I came up with a good trick for getting them to have a slight curve and I'm excited to share that with you.