Sandals 5,6,&7

Ok, this kind of feels like a job. I even made myself a canvas apron procrastinating the sandal work. 

I'm not even 1/4 of the way done with my goal and already finding the need to force myself to sit in my chair and finish my work for the day before I go check my email or get a snack. I'm gaining appreciation for people who make things for a living, it takes real discipline! But I'm trying to be Austin Kleon's kind of boring and keep on moving and making. 

Also, I think it makes more sense to work in batches, like real production crafters do, so to be honest, I made all three pairs of these sandals today. My house needed an all-day clean on Monday and Tuesday was consumed by tutorial writing. So I was already behind. Now I'm caught up and it's definitely more efficient to make several pairs at a time. I found it more difficult to get a nice finish on the brown-dyed leather, but I kind of like the translucent look. Two of these are for friends, and the other pair doesn't have a home yet. 

What do you think about work/discipline and staying motivated? I really do love the work when I get down to it, but it's challenging to actually go sit in my studio and get cracking.