Review: Alphabet Glue

I'm back from my unplanned blog break, spending time with my family who was visiting from Pennsylvania. I slipped into a lovely routine of sleeping in, thrifting regularly, visiting the lake and actually cooking dinner (once in the earth oven.)

Now everyone's gone home and I am happy to move back into the routine of our homeschool year, knitting work and more frequent blog posting! 

I received complimentary review copies of the first two issues of Alphabet Glue from Annie at Bird and Little Bird a few weeks ago. It's a e-magazine for children that offers "activities and inspirations for kids who love books," and we've been working our way through the magazines as we ease into our homeschool year.

Volume one is rich with activities, inspiration and ideas. It has several book-making projects as well as thoughtful, seasonal reading lists and a handy reading record. There are also some library-themed projects, including some printable "old-fashioned" Library Catalog Cards and a really fun library scavenger hunt that I am planning to do with our homeschool group soon. Writing activities are included in both issues and the funny Mix and Match Story Cards from Volume one are luring my sometimes reluctant-writer son into crafting some clever stories. 

Volume two has several detective themed ideas including secret codes, invisible ink ideas, a detective reading list and a pretend magnifying glass that my younger son is delighted to use. There are also more book making ideas and a couple weeks ago, I spent time with my boys and my nephews and we spent a pleasant afternoon making tiny hidden-binding accordion books:

And filling them with little pictures and stories- 

There are nicely-done printables in both issues that my boys both have appreciated and used, including secret code cards, letters to make a ransom-style note, and a house model that you can decorate, cut-out and assemble. 

It's been really great to dip into these magazines with my book-loving boys. They are playful, thoughtful and well put together and I recommend them for the book-loving kids in your life. 

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