Quilts old and new

Tuesday passed by without me remembering once that I should be doing a carving tutorial. I think I will skip this week. My shoulder is still not feeling great and I am trying to rest it so I can get back to sandal making. Next week I'll make some little wooden green beans to go with the bushel of beans I'm hoping to freeze this week. 

This past weekend I enjoyed spending time at the Berea Quilt Extravaganza. I was there to raffle tickets for this quilt that Laura made as a fundraiser for our homeschool cooperative.  Here it is before all the binding was tacked down.

Even though I'm not a quilter, I also managed to buy a few things. My friend Carol Ann had a booth with her sister Joann and they had all kinds of interesting vintage quilts, fabric, sewing notions and ephemera. I think I stopped by and bought something almost everytime I stopped by their booth. I found a Japanese craft book, some old belt buckles, needle books, a couple old feed sacks and a quilt top:

and somehow, another quilt top:

The first one is "endless chain," hand-pieced and in decent shape save for some mouse damage- a few nibbled holes. I don't know what I will do with it, but I really love it.

The second one is "dahlia," machine pieced and large enough that I am planning to cut it in two and make duvet covers for my boys. 

It's fun to enjoy these beautiful pieces without any swearing at my sewing machine. I've tried to make two quilts as an adult and neither was a success. I think this is my way to be involved in quilting- buying old quilt tops and recieving quilts as gifts, a perfect set up.