Tiny knitting

I've been wanting to update the look of our blog, shop and my printed patterns for months. But it is such a huge project, with so many decisions, I've put it off. This weekend, my kind and patient husband led the way and I sat beside him at the computer, weighing in on fonts and images, but mostly knitting to distract myself from the real work at hand. I was knitting with this- 

Size 0000 needles and Finca Number 8 Perle Cotton from my local bead shop, Fish Wisdom Beads. I am knitting in the round, mostly experimenting but maybe making an art piece; I'm not committing yet. It's fun to work on something so different from my usual materials. For contrast, here's the work next to a size 10.5 needle, my standard size for designing felted knits:

It takes me about an hour to knit an inch and a half. I think before the redesign is complete I'll have knitted up the whole ball of thread- maybe two! Have you ever knit anything super-tiny?