Carving Play Food Tutorial: Scallion

Let's make these- 


You'll need - 


-twigs- about 1/2" in diameter- I used maple. Any green (freshly cut) wood will probably work. You could also use a 1/2" pine dowel if you don't have access to green wood.
-white string/thread 
-green felt/yarn 
-watercolor paints 
-beeswax or polish


-knife (see here for more on knives)
-drill, tiny drill bit, 1/8" drill bit 
-knitting needle or other sharp thing

1. Cut twigs to length- between 2 1/2" and 3 1/2" long. I use clippers. 

 2. Remove the bark.

3. Carve around the whole piece to remove the under bark layer and give it a more textured look.

4. Holding your knife at an angle to the wider end of the piece, bevel and round the end. See how I'm using my right hand to push the blade? You get more control that way. I'm a leftie so you might do the reverse.

5. Starting about halfway down the piece, taper the other end so it's a bit narrower. 

6. Make some more.

7. Drill a teeny hole in the wider end and a larger hole in the top of the scallion. 

8. Add paint. I start with white on the larger end then add the green when the white is still wet. This way the colors run together... 

9. Then add a darker green at the very top. Don't forget the paint will be quite a bit lighter when it dries. 

10. Scoop up a little glue on your knitting needle and stick some glue in the wider end of the scallion. Cut about 6 threads 3" long, fold them in half, and use the knitting needle to stick them in the hole. Trim ends to about 1/2".

11. Cut wool felt or chunky yarn to about 10" long and 1/4" wide. Taper ends if you're using felt. Stick some glue in the hole on the top of the scallion and shove the felt/yarn in. 

Finish by rubbing pieces with beeswax then buffing with a cloth, or use polish sparingly, buff with cloth. 

Shall we make carrots next week?