New things

Saturday was a great shopping day in my little town. First, there's a new thrift shop where every thing is one dollar or less. I got some clothes and this Hermann Luggage bag (for one dollar!)-  

Then I went to an auction with Laura and my mom and we found some good things. This solid walnut coffee table was $20 and just needed some beeswax furniture polish to brighten its finish. 

It's the perfect fit for my little living room. Here it is on my uncompleted rug. I've stopped working on the rug until the fabric I bought for the couch pillows arrives, because I want to be sure everything matches. 

I also got a Polish paper cut, 

and... the finale- a capiz shell chandelier for $10! It does look a bit dated, but I have some plans to change it around a bit and I love the new view from our dining table- 

It's fun to brighten up our space with these new things.