Teaching knitting

Last week I led knitting classes that were a part of the city of Berea's Festival of Learnshops. It's a new event that our town is doing and it's kind of like a craft school that meets all over town for two weeks each year. Our community is rich with skilled artists and craftspeople and I am excited that our Tourism department has come up with this new way for people to experience the spirit and energy that make Berea so special and inspiring.

Anyway, I was honored to have the opportunity to offer classes for this pilot year, and as I mentioned before, my friend Laura Wick and I taught two classes: Learn to Knit and Knitting Next Steps. We had fun gathering our supplies, finished projects, swatch cards and books to share with a new group of knitters. 

We had a great turnout with the just-right amount of six students in each class. I really enjoyed meeting the women participants and was struck by the focus and intensity that they brought to the class. 

Laura worked one-on-one with Kristen and some of the other participants.

And by the afternoon class, some of the super-beginners who had never knit before were reading and following a simple pattern. We also had some people in that class who had knit before, but had issues or questions that hopefully we were able to address to send them on their knitterly way. 

It was such a fun day, the six hours of teaching flew by and I wish I could teach classes like this once a week. I look forward to offering more complex classes next year and branching out to felting, toy-making and maybe some dyeing with my sister Laura. Thanks to all of our participants, I look forward to hearing of your knitting progress!