Alabama-stitch style experiment

Laura has made a lot of projects from Alabama Stitch books by Natalie Chanin. Her corset, and skirt, and even two shirts and a skirt for me. I am lucky indeed. I love the way you can use recycled materials to make beautiful new things, and the richness of the thickly embroidered pieces really appeals to me. However, I've never tried a project of my own until yesterday.

The whole thing started because my skilled and generous mom is visiting and she sewed new covers for the cushions on my vintage rattan sofa and chairs. Now that my living room furniture is no longer draped in sheets, I want to spruce everything else up. And we really need a rug. 

I was inspired by some automotive trunk-lining felt at the fabric shop, and combined with a felted wool blanket I had hanging around and some silk thread, I think this will work for a rug. It's surprisingly easy to stitch though, but it still takes time. And I have a ways to go:

But I have time. And hopefully I'll get a new rug out of this experiment.