A belt I made

This past weekend Laura and I went to Lexington to visit some galleries. My stylish sister Abby sent me some new clothes last week and I wanted to wear something other than mom clothes when we went out. But I needed a belt first. So before we left on Saturday morning, I made a belt. 

The design is from Brendan's Leather Book, my favorite introduction to leather working. 

It was super-quick to cut the leather, punch the holes then dye the edges and top side. I oiled it lightly had it on before Laura pulled her car into my driveway to pick me up. I think it's really cool that you don't need a buckle or any hardware, it's just the leather that makes the belt.  

I am hoping to go back to sandals soon, but meanwhile I've been waylaid by some major secret knitting, more on that next week.