So many pretty things...

Switching photos from my camera to my computer, I found photos from a special day out in May to the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival. So many booths of luscious hand dyed yarn:

Although pretty, after awhile it all looked the same. Sacrilege, I know... We loved spending time with all the sheep, goats and alpacas in attendance:

Sometimes bags of fleece from these lovely creatures were for sale just outside their pens:

My favorite booth was Heartfelt Handworks:

 Shepherd and artist Susan Gilbert does needle felting, wet felting, spinning and dyeing with wool from her babydoll Southdown sheep. (She also has an etsy shop.)

Katie bought the little shepherd in the foreground, and I couldn't resist this handsome needle felted beetle for our nature table:

The perfect little treasure to bring home to my boys!