More chicken coop work

Yesterday was my birthday (and Laura's!) and I had fun spending the day working on the chicken coop. My birthday present was new roofing metal and fence posts, and now that those things are mostly all installed, the project is really coming together. 

The shutters were a ReStore find- they are the perfect size! So far I have used only salvaged materials but I finally had to buy some new wood for the trim pieces on the corners of the walls. They make everything look tidy and finished.

I also built a nesting box with a handy door on the outside wall so the boys can collect eggs without going inside the coop. 

I am pleased with the tiny chicken porch, made with a scrap of Laura and Strider's rough cut cedar.

The door is new too, I made that last week. It still needs a chicken-size door that I can latch at night. The whole shebang will be painted this weekend, just in time for my inspection (by the city codes office) on Monday. We pick up the hens on Tuesday! 

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