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A quick post today, I'm racing to plant things before more rain comes...

1. Shoe inspiration- Someone pointed me to Cydwoq shoes and they are great handmade shoe inspiration. While some of them are a teensy bit over the top in a Tim Burton way, I love how handmade they look, and there are loads of funky shoes on their site. Here's one of my favorites, Attract:

 I also like the Cydwoq blog

 2. I had fun building a couple rocket stoves with my son's homeschool class last week. If you would like to cook outside this summer, spend an afternoon making one. I used the directions from the Urban Homestead book, see here for more on these efficient cookers. 

3. It's morel season in Kentucky and I found my first one (finally) last week. 

4. I will be writing about this more soon, but wanted to let you know that if you live close by, our town of Berea is hosting a "Festival of Learnshops," from July 11-16 and Laura, my friend Laura Wick and I will be teaching some classes. When the official information comes out later this week I will be sure to let you know more, but for now, here are the classes we're working on: 

1. Learn to Knit,

2. Knitting Next Steps,

3. Backyard Chicken Keeping,

and, the big one, 

4. Crafting Your Online Presence: Build a website, tell your story and sell your stuff.

I am so excited about this opportunity and look forward to working with more people locally. Our city is really going all-out to make this even a success, and there are going to be so many excellent classes, from bonsai and Indian cooking, to cob building and watercolor painting. There is going to be an art camp for children, so it will be an event for families. I would just love for you to join us! 

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