Project updates: coop and sandals

I've been slacking posting about it, but I have been making good progress on the chicken coop

Today I added the window- with hinges, and made the roof rafters. They are rounded because I want the roof to curve. A friend is giving me some used roofing metal, I am hoping to get that on soon, maybe tomorrow. 

I am glad the siding is pretty much done, it was a lot of work to install. I am really hoping to paint this weekend, that will really pull the whole project together. We are picking up our four hens on the 24th, so I need to get a move on- the fencing, nesting boxes and gate all still need to be constructed as well.

I've also been working on my sandals, here's the first gladiator sandal made from leather- 

It still needs the edges to be sanded and finished, a buckle for the ankle and nails to secure the sole. 

But it's super-comfy and I love it already. 

Now I just need to make one more!