New Noro Deliciousness

I visited the yarn shop yesterday to buy yarn for some new designs I am working on and was distracted by some new Noro- it's Nobori, 43% cotton, 31% nylon, 14% wool and 13% silk. Here it is on Ravelry.

I love the pink and orange with touches of black and chartreuse. I knew Laura would dig the colorway too, so I actually ended up with two skeins. The single ply yarn is layered with a thin strand of non-woven fabric, almost like a super-light interfacing.

Yum. I am thinking about making a simple summer scarf, maybe a band of bias-cut linen with a wide knitted modern lace edging on one side? I can't wait to cast on for a gauge swatch, but I've got more felting in my future for a while and that's fun too.