Things We Like

Here are some things I liked this weekend:

1. Getting our woodstove installed, just in time for spring!

It's a Jotul F100 Nordic QT (a Q-T- a cutie! I seriously want to squeeze it! Not a good idea what with the fire and all...). The weather here has still been unseasonably chilly, but really, we had it installed last week because we had finally saved up enough funds to pay for the installation. So now we're ready for next Winter. Though we will probably have the chance to burn a couple more fires on the chilly nights we're still having. 

2. I liked watching Julian dance! 

That's him in the tan vest. He had the good fortune to be a part of the 75th annual Mountain Folk Festival, held at Berea College. Groups from all over the country attend the festival to learn and share  folk dances and music. He had a great time and I'm so glad he got to be a part of it. 

3. I bought Larissa Brown's ebook, Bonnet Love. It's got 5 knitting patterns, a sewing pattern and a template so you can design your own bonnet. The photography is beautiful-

Image from

and the patterns are so sweet, I can't wait to get started knitting one.  I think it's extra cool that she and her sister, photograper Lynette Fitzpatrick collaborated on it. If you are looking for some adorable summertime knitting, do check it out.