First try for sandals

Yesterday I was so tired. We went to see the Decemberists (first concert for the boys!) on Tuesday night and I am no longer used to staying up into the wee hours of the morning. Yesterday, as I moved through the day, doing homeschool lessons, feeding the kids, cleaning the house, I swore I would take a nap after my responsiblities for the day were over. 

But instead, when the boys were occupied, I snuck over to my studio and learned how to use my new tools,  

A strip cutter

A French edger

Sampled the dyes I purchased, 

Notice the fancy toilet paper applicator!

And made the topsole and upper for my first "real" sandal. 

Just like knitting socks, I only have one completed so far. The super-thick leather sole has been molded and is currently drying. Then I will cement and sew them together. 

I totally love where this is heading, it is so much fun and satisfying to make something lovely and practical.