Starting something new

I am glad Laura is picking up the slack around here, I am not sticking around the internet much these days. I've been working in the garden-

working on my chicken coop, and spending time with family visiting from Pennsylvania.

As you may know, I have been researching sandal and shoemaking for the last several weeks. Yesterday, I did something very exciting; I visited a leather craft store and walked out the door with the tools and supplies like these:

And a big bunch of leather like this:

I got two thicknesses of leather, one for the sandal topsole and straps and one piece for the sole, it is very thick and stiff- 

My dog Rascal was very curious- 

And I am very curious if I will be able to actually DO this. It feels new and difficult. Being in the leather shop and not really knowing much was not a good feeling. I know it will be like knitting, once I learn the ropes and train my hands, I will be more confident. But it really is something to move from reading to making and I am anxious to work my way through the steps for the first time. Please wish me luck!