Everybody wins

You know what? I was out in my garden all day today, from 7AM til dark, barely stopping to feed my kids. It was a perfect day to work outside, not too hot or windy with a bit of rain on the way. I got a lot done making new garden beds, working on the chicken coop siding and moving plants around the garden. 

But I forgot to do one important thing- draw a name for the free pattern giveaway today. Reader Katie reminded me on Duo Fiberwork's Facebook page. Since I don't think I have ever won anything in a blog giveaway, I thought it would be fun for everyone to win!

So, all sixteen of you who entered will receive a pattern of my friend Laura's Basketweave Moderne Tote and any one of my patterns- your choice. 

To claim your patterns, please message me- katiemfree on Ravelry with your pattern preference and the name you used to leave a comment and I will send you your patterns right away. Or, if you don't use Ravelry, use the "Contact" link on the sidebar on the right and send me an email message with that info. 

Meanwhile, it's raining buckets right now and it's expected to continue all weekend, I'm looking forward to some quality knitting time, maybe even next to the fire.