Busy Day

Yesterday was one of those rainy, lazy days where I read and cooked a bunch, but didn't accomplish much else. Today made up for that.

I forgot to tell you that I finally built brick piers and put up the floor and walls of the chicken coop on Monday. It came together so quickly, it was a fun and gratifying way to spend the morning.

Tuesday's rains christened the plywood floor, the makeshift tarp roof was more a suggestion of waterproofness than a solution. Anyway, today I sorted and removed nails from recycled gym flooring. I am going to use the maple tounge and groove pieces as siding.

I think I will have just enough. I am doubly happy with this solution for walls because so far the whole project has been made from salvaged materials and I gathered that wood long ago and it was junking up our yard. I need to buy nails and then the siding will be ready to install.

I also worked on my first sandal today.

I re-watched the sandal making video I wrote of earlier, it was supremely helpful. I am hoping to place an order with a leather company soon but my head was swirling with leather options, tool choices and total outlay required- about $500- so I started out with what I had on hand- the leather from thrifted motorcycle pants and a scrap of tooling leather. I didn't use any fancy tools, just my carving knife and a rotary cutting mat.The leather is floppier than what you would use if you were purchasing leather, and the sole is much thinner, but it did hold it shape after molding-

And they are really comfortable and secure to wear- a success! I think sandal making is something I would like to pursue, maybe even making some pairs to sell.

Knitting is happening as well, I will post about that tomorrow. Look what I got in the mail yesterday, I feel like a real designer now.