Second batch of carved food

It is so fun to hear from so many of you about the play-food carving. I love it that my enthusiasm was totally shared by you all, it makes it really fun to continue this project. So thank you! I am definitely going to work on some directions for how to carve these simple toys and I look forward to sharing my progress on that front with all of you. But for now, I am still working on carving and coming up with new things to make. 

I had a more difficult go of it the second day because it turns out it was really difficult to carve a tomato from 2x4's that were glued together. The large piece of wood was unwieldy and it made my hands and wrist sore to work with it. I need to figure out a different plan or material to make larger round food like apples and tomatoes. I was trying to make these toys just from material I had around at home so I either need to dig deeper in my garage or go shopping for carving stock. So I set aside my plans to make large round fruits and veg for now. 

But in the meantime, I had a wonderful time making some other, smaller vegetables and fruit- and fish that snuck in. 

This collection is- a lemon, a mushroom, some green beans, a cuke to slice and a little fish. 

I am trying to brainstorm food items other than fruits and vegetables that would be easy to carve and be good to play with- like maybe some rolls or a baguette that could be sliced. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Here is everything I carved so far- 

I hope to make some more things today, like a couple more mushrooms and maybe some potatoes and some garlic.

I will leave you with this little gnome that Julian made in our homeschool carving club yesterday- here he is on our bookshelf.