A new kind of magic

Oh my gosh you guys I am obsessed, transfixed, in love with a new project. Here's what happened.

I spent some time organizing the preschool space at our homeschool co-op last week. It is a lovely space but some of the toys are worn from being played with by many, many children. I made note of toys we could use there. Then I went home and flipped through the Nova Natural catalog, circling everything I wished we could buy for the space. I totaled everything up- $1676. Yikes. Not really that much money in the whole scheme of things, but close to half the entire co-op budget. I figured I could try to make some things for the space instead.

So I got some scrap wood from my garage, nail-filled short 2x4 lengths from when we ripped out a built-in bench from the studio last year. 

I worked with my hand tools, 

Carved some chunky shapes, 

I added a coat of watercolor paints and finished them with a beeswax and oil polish. For leaves and tops I added some of Laura's beautiful naturally-dyed wool felt. 

This little collection makes me so happy and I can't wait to place it in the co-op kitchen this week. I am making apples, tomatoes and potatoes today. Then maybe beets, garlic and onions.

The crazy and cool thing is that these were really quick and easy to carve. I had never carved pine before and it's so nice and soft. Also, there is almost no sanding involved, my least favorite woodcarving step. I used a knife, hatchet and hand saw to make these. I think making them would be a great introduction to woodcarving.

I feel a new ebook coming on, is anybody interested in being able to carve wooden fruits and vegetables for their kiddos?