Things We Like

Hey there! It's the second installment of Things We Like. 

 1. This week I like spotting signs of spring like the crocus blooming my my yard and most especially, getting  a load of rotted horse manure spread on my garden.

This manure was delivered last week and the worms are doing their happy work as I wait a bit longer until planting time. 

2. Besides sharing news of new patterns or projects, I don't talk much here about my business or creative goals. But I hope to begin sharing more about the larger projects I am working on. I am I am registered for Tara Gentile's Art of Action class which begins this week, and I look forward to using the class to make measurable strides in the plans I am scheming about. Tara's writing and work has been very helpful to me as I think about how to approach creativity and business in an innovative way. Tara is a woman who is making big things happen, I feel lucky to be a part of the class. She posted a free "You Are Allowed" print-out last week and I immediately printed it out and pasted it into my sketchbook. My favorite line of the print-out is- "You are alllowed to stop researching and start experimenting," a great reminder for me, an inveterate researcher!

3. Finally, I have some finished knitting to share, but not mine. These Felted Matrioskas by Alice at Kathryn Ivy are so sweet they are causing a huge renewed interest in my Nesting Doll pattern.

Image by Alice Schnebly, used with permission.

It is so fun and surreal to see people use a pattern I have written to make something so lovely. Alice added little bow ties instead of the embroidery and I really like how colorful and modern they are, perfect! There are a few more really lovely Nesting Doll projects on the Ravelry project page, it's great to see the different versions. 

Image by Alice Schnebly, used with permission.

What things do you like right now?