Back to Work

I have been spending bunches of time in my garden, thinking about sandal making and building a chicken coop. It's how I generally operate, working with obsessive focus on one big project, then moving on to something else. And today I am happily returning to knitting. 

The end table next to my couch is my primary workspace. We do have a studio and it's where I do my writing and store all my supplies, but as a stay-at-home-mom, I spend most of my time with my boys in our house. So the end table is my little work station/storage space that I can turn to when the kids are happily occupied for a bit. Today I got everything organized and thought I could give you a "tour" of my most-used supplies and tools. 

Here's my workbasket- 

And my end table: 

I love that you don't need many tools or supplies to start a knitting project, this little bit of stuff is all I need to create something new. I have a few more new swatches to felt and then I will begin designing in earnest, I can't wait to get going again!