Chicken Coop Framing

This past weekend the stars aligned and I was able to spend two solid days working on framing my gypsy wagon style chicken coop. I was able to use the lumber we ripped out of our studio because Michael carefully removed all the nails from the studs. Since I need a home for the chicks I will be picking up in May, it was easy to figure out what to do with the new pile of lumber. 

I have plans for a bright, (yellow or green with red trim) raised 4'x7' coop with a arched tin roof and big front window with window boxes. I have never built anything this large before. But sheesh, Laura pratically built her whole studio, seeing her successful outcome gave me confidence. Thanks to Michael who understood when I told him I wanted to do the whole project by myself so he took photos instead. 

So I started with a sketch and some measurements, then cut all the pieces for each wall to lengh.

Then put the pieces together like big building blocks, but with nails. It was tricky to keep everything square and true.

Of course, my kids were inspired to build as well, 

And the going wasn't always easy for me, 

But I do now have four framed walls and a sturdy floor. I am hoping to scrounge some 4x4 posts for the foundation this weekend so I can put everything together. Then I will put a roof on and add the recycled wood-floor siding. Those chickens will be living in high style!