Things are getting a little hippy

I am still researching shoe making and have taken a definite left turn into sandal making territory. Especially since it's been in the 60-70's in Kentucky this week, I think it makes sense to start there. Plus, you can make sandals without using a last, or form. Did I mention that last time I wrote about shoemaking? Anyway, here are some resources I have found helpful. 

John Bailey's "Making Classic 60's Style Sandals" is an hour-long video showing the steps in making a leather sandal with a molded leather sole, like this-

Image from Rilleau Leather

It was great to see someone actually making a sandal after I've done so much reading about it. John learned sandal making in Boston in the 70's and has been making them ever since. The cool thing is, the sandals he makes have been around since ancient Rome and they are are beautiful, well-fitting, long-lasting sandals. 

I also just bought Tandy Leather Factory's ebook, "Sandal Making" and this book has step-by-step photos of how to make sandals similar to the ones in John's video. Check out the stylish dude on the cover-

Image from Tandy Leather

Some of the sandals are dated in a totally hippy-tastic way. However, it is awesome to be able to buy this as an ebook and is nice to see all the steps broken down and all the supplies and tools you need. Even if not all the sandals are quite my style, the book still seems like a bargain. Here are all the sandal designs included: 

Image from Tandy Leather

I am going to order sandal-making leather and tools this week, thanks for sticking with me on this research jag! I'll get back to some knitting and other crafting soon.