Shoemaking research marches on (ha)

I received Sharon Raymond's book in the mail yesterday and I am even more motivated to try some simple shoes.  She generously included some other shoe patterns as well (scroll down the page on the above link to see the different patterns), and rather than making a pair of sandals, I am thinking about starting with a ballet flat.

I am still learning about leather and know that my first shoes will be more about the process than the end result, so I want to try to work with recycled leather at first. Today I hit up Goodwill and I found some useful things! 

Some really thick motorcycle pants with fancy white accents. These are nice and heavy and will probably not have to be lined when they are shoes. Also, a pair of pants made from thinner, smoother leather. Michael helpfully pointed out that these are actually my size, but then I noticed that the motorcycle pants are HIS size and suggested that we both keep and wear them. We decided against it. 

I found a suede leather jacket with nice big pieces of leather and a red boiled wool jacket.

Also, maybe for shoe lining, I picked up these vintage plaid wool pants. I also found a grass beach mat and thought it might work for a sandal footbed. 

I am hoping to reign in my obsessive research and work to actually make something this week.