Shoes I want to make

I have long been interested in making shoes, but I haven't moved past the research part of that project but for knitting and felting slippers for myself and my family. I wonder about working with lasts and leather, learning a whole new vocabulary and finding the cash for pricy new tools to buy. But it makes sense to me, there are so many cows around in Kentucky, and everyone wears shoes! Connecting those dots into a family business feels like a huge project but I would like to at least be able to make shoes for myself someday.

I have been on an obsessive research jag this morning, looking at shoes made by craftspeople around the world. I started at Sharon Raymond's Simple Shoemaking site. Sharon is a generous teacher and has a rich website with lots of information. She has a resources page listing some sites she visits for inspiration. Here are a few shoes that stood out when I browsed around today- 

These Rainbow Boots by Jose Machado of Portugal delight me.  I think I would be grinning all the time if I had these on my feet. 

Image from Machado Shoes

He also makes beautiful sandals- and from what I read, he will have an etsy shop soon. 

Image from Machado Shoes

The Moccasins by Laurence Wenger of La Belle Fortoise are so obviously handmade and rustic in a wonderful way. I wish I could visit her shop in France. She has many lovely shoes on her site. 

Image from La Belle Fortoise

Conker Shoes in England have some beautiful shoes that are available to purchase online.

Image from Conker shoes

So where to begin with all this beautiful inspiration? My boys are up and it's time for breakfast and homeschool lessons, but I hope to finally act on my research soon and make myself a pair of sandals for spring. I will keep you posted.