Things we like

1. The Braided Hex Nut Bracelet by Honestly WTF is so chic and simple, I love it and want to make one or ten.

2. Look at these incredible knitted spring flowers. I am glad the real ones are blooming in our yard, our first daffodil has finally bloomed this morning. 

3. EZ at Creature Comforts  recently blogged about Neest, a French housewares shop. They have so many lovely things and  I see lots of woodcarving inspiration there! Look at these beautiful teaspoons-

Image from

4. Last week Tara Gentile wrote a piece on the elusive idea of balance in a creative life, The many sides of balance, and I like her perspective.

5. Apparently I also really like working with a sledgehammer. We have two little buildings on our lot, our house and another building we use as a studio. There was a room in the studio that didn't have a use and just collected junk and I wanted to make one big open space instead. On Friday I decided to begin organizing so that we could tear down the wall over the weekend, but things got out of hand and by the time Michael got home on Friday night, the trim, doors and drywall were all gone. He made short work of the studs and yesterday we worked to put things back together. Not done yet, but here's a peek of where we're headed. 

You can see a faint darker spot on the floor where the wall used to be. I love sitting in the sun while I work at the computer. And I've added a cozy knitting spot in the new space too. 

Now I am headed outside to plant our first spring crops, there are lots of things to like today.