Obscure craft book Thursday: Rug making

After I finish my kitchen, I would like to move on to my living room, decorating-wise. I need to re-cover the cushions on the bamboo couch and chairs we have, maybe get some new foam inserts for them. I would like to paint and add some artwork to our walls and we really need a rug. A cool rug can do so much for a room, but they are so pricey. I would like to figure out a way to recycle wool sweaters (or other wool garments) into a rug. I am very inspired by Crispina French's potholder rugs. And I even built a frame loom to make a 4'x6' one, but then abandoned it because I did not have enough old sweaters to make one. Rugs DO seem like a good do-it-yourself project because you can use up scraps to make something new and beautiful. It seems that a big part of the project would be gathering and dyeing the materials. 

I have a couple books about how to make rugs-

Handmade Rugs from Practically Anything

Twenty Easy Machine-Made Rugs

The first book is the best, with more ideas and techniques. It's retro- from 1971, but not too dated. There are a lot of great rugs- 

And good, detailed directions for the different rug-making methods. 


The other book, Twenty Easy Machine-Made Rugs, seeks to take some of the work out of rug-making by employing your sewing machine. I like the fluffy one on the left- 


My favorite technique in this book involves sewing knitted sweater remnants to a backing and then unraveling them to make a plush, thick rug. The designs in this book are more dated in a late-80s way, but the techniques are interesting and versitile. I like the tassels on the rug on the right-

Now I need to start stalking our Goodwill's sweater aisle. 

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