Things We Like

We are kinda bored with Obscure Craft Book Thursday, as you can probably tell since there hasn't been an obscure craft book featured for a a while. We're going to start a new series that goes live on Mondays, Things We Like. We hope to share cool links from our circle of the web, new recipes that we love, nice things in our gardens or other little bits that catch our fancy. Here are some things I like today:

1. Kirsty Hall's 365 Jars project has captivated me. She is making and placing an art jar out into the world every day this year for people to find. Then when people find one, they email her with the story of their discovery. Here's a recent jar I especially like- #46

Image by Kirsty Hall, used with permission

Here it is in situ:

Image by Kirsty Hall, used with permission

I really like the idea of making art pieces and leaving them for people to find and I admire Kirsty's discipline to make a new jar every day. I look forward to following the project throughout the year.

2. Heidi Swanson has just posed a 6-recipe preview of her new book, Super Natural Every Day. I have already pre-ordered the book, so it's fun to see some sample recipes. Her photography is lovely and the recipes were a good kick in the pants for me as I have been in a real cooking funk. 

3. I just bought and printed WhipUp's Action Pack, the perfect thing for our rainy Monday homeschool day. The theme is paper and beeswax. I know my boys will love the beeswax and paper origami boats, isn't this one sweet?

Image from

4. It was a big treat so spend Saturday with Laura in Lexington, visiting two art shows, Dropping Stitches, at Transylvania University, and the Mid-Century Modern show at the University of Kentucky. I'll do a longer post with more details about the shows soon, but meanwhile, here's one of the pieces from the knitting show.

"Dinner" by Stacy Chinn