New socks flying by

My stitching group meets Monday nights and this Monday at 4:30 I had no projects to work on. I postponed making dinner and instead cast on a new sock. I worked on it at stitching, and some at our homeschool co-op on Tuesday and all of a sudden, it's looking like a sock! 

It is knitting up so quickly, I am already turning the heel this morning.

I love it. I am using a ball of Zauberball that I wound off into two balls and am alternating them for the Burning Stripes pattern by Susan Luni. The heel is a boomerang heel and it's fun to work a new heel style. The pattern is very complete and well written, making this a fun and satisfying project.  I am such a sucker for rainbow yarn, while the Zauberball is single ply and kind of splitty, I don't mind because the colors are so lovely.

If I keep going at this rate, I am going to be able to wear them to stitching next Monday!