Paper Stars

I had to share a quick last minute Christmas decoration. I love paper stars of any sort, and recently started folding crisp white Swedish stars. I had always been intimidated to try making these stars for some reason, but it turns out they are straight forward and satisfying to create. The strips of paper need to be 24 times longer than they are wide, so a tree ornament can be made out of ordinary paper.  It wasn't long before I was imagining making big stars out out of great long strips of paper....

I used a roll of paper and cut strips of paper 3 inches wide by 72 inches long-you need 4 strips per star. After I cut the strips I realized how similar they looked to adding machine tape...I'd use that if you have any handy! The directions to fold the stars are here. 

 After you start folding, things quickly get complex-it will all come together eventually:

When the star is finished, use a skewer to "thread" a hanging string through the middle layers of paper. Glue the thread in place. 

Although you don't need glue to make these, I found the flat points of my big stars gaped a bit and so glued the open edges closed.

 Wouldn't a constallation of these in different sizes be an impressive display?