WIP's for Christmas

Family note- Christmas gift spoilers ahead! Go read Abby's blog instead.

I've been taking care of all kinds of business in the studio this week. I vowed I would make NO Christmas gifts this year, but just as soon as I met my first book deadline, I began a: 

::fun, quick gift knit (I'm using my new stitch markers for the first time! My friend Michelle made these for all the women in our stitching group and it feels very special to not be using little loops of yarn, my usual stitch marker.)

::leather and wool tablet cover, which was deciptively difficult to make. Though I did discover that my sewing machine can handle leather, which is awesome. 

::paper lanterns for everyone! Laura and I had a productive afternoon cranking these out. I love them so, and this tutorial is excellent. 

::duvet covers for both my boys. I'm using a vintage quilt top I bought this summer, and finishing it with some navy sashing. I am SO not a sewer (or sewist if you insist), but this project is so simple, I think I can handle it.

I'm also hoping to make felted slippers for my boys and Laura's boys, but that might be over-reaching a bit. (But I still have 3 days, so we'll see.)

Hope your last-minute is going well, with no dropped stitches or broken threads.