Things I'd like to make this weekend

:: I would like to make some leather clutchs for gifts this year, I have lots of leather and they would make stylish, useful gifts. There are many tutorials for how to make them- like this envelope-style one from Swell Mayde

And this zipper one from Style Scrapbook

:: Heading in a more Christmas/cute direction, I love this idea from Frankie Brown over on Ravelry.

She's posting a free pattern every day from now until Christmas Eve for a little figure to be added to an advent garland. I am sorely tempted to knit the mitten and candle today and try to keep up with this progect. 

:: Polish paper chandeliers are something I have wanted to make for the past few years, but have never gotten around to it. It seems like a great project to liven up my home after the holidays and this yellow one from Jordan at Oh Happy Day is just about perfect for January. 

She has a super-detailed tutorial for how to make one of these beauties and I am looking forward to breaking out the box of vintage paper straws I bought at yard sale and have been saving for this very project. 

I don't know if I will have time for extra crafting this weekend, but I do plan to knit new patterns for the book by the woodstove. Do you have any weekend crafting plans?