New Big Thing

So, I've got some big news to share today, and I don't know a fitting prologue. Here's a hint- 

I'm writing a book! A knitting book. Featuring patterns for knitted and felted slippers and house shoes, it will also have directions for adding sturdy soles and cozy linings.  There will be lots and lots of projects included, from sweet baby booties to cozy scuffs for adults. It will be published by STC Craft/Melanie Falick Books in Fall 2013.


I am so excited about this project for many reasons, primarily because it is a great way to use my experience designing felted knits to make functional, wearable pieces. It is a huge privilege to spend months really focusing on a creative project that has so many different facets. STC Craft/Melanie Falick Books publishes so many of my favorite craft book titles, it's both surreal and wonderful to be working with such a talented team.

I began my book proposal process back in January, so it feels so great to finally be able to share the news of the book with all of you here. I've been clicking away with my knitting needles and already have many of the projects underway. We've been getting a taste of Autumn these last few weeks in Kentucky, and I'm finding myself even more motivated to make cozy things for my loved ones to wear. Designing knitting patterns so that others can do the same feels really special and exciting. 

So, onward! Blogging-wise, it is still a bit funny to not be writing about the work that I am doing for the book. But I have lots of other things going on as well, I'm hoping to squeeze in a few more free knitting patterns or tutorials before the end of the year, and surely will have little bits of non-book knitting. Thank you to all our lovely readers, who buy my patterns, share our tutorials, and visit here regularly to hear our creative reports. I look forward to sharing the book-writing progress wtih you as well.