Trip to the farm

We're back from a long visit to our parent's farm in Pennsylvania. Our trip was overdue and we were delighted to have nice weather for most of it. Driving to PA for Thanksgiving usually involves snow in Maryland one way or another but this trip the boys played outside in their t-shirts much of the time. It was a bit of a working holiday, I'm chugging along to meet the first deadline for the book, but having extra Aunts and Grandparents around actually made it a bit easier to get work done. We have more to share about our trip, including a memorable fiber-filled score at an auction and a new papercraft tutorial that Laura came up with, but for now here are some scenes from my trip. 

My parent's farm is tucked just out of cell phone or high-speed internet range, so my "office" was in my car just down the road. This is the view from that spot.

It is a funny thing to return to a place where we grew up, and it's bittersweet to see things that are both intensely familiar but still distant and different. Clichéd though it may be, it is so special to share these same spots, views and places with our children, I am grateful for the opportunity.

The boys went outside a lot, searching for old cow bones, digging clay from the creek bank, stalking squirrels with bows and arrows.

It was a pleasant way to enjoy the last bit of Autumn, and now I am happy to be back home in Kentucky, looking forward to working in my own studio, preparing for Christmas and settling (resignedly) into Winter.