Recent Stitching

Earlier in the fall I stitched up a quick alternative family portrait inspired by one I spotted on Feelin’ Stitchy. What a great site filled with engaging and diverse content-check it out if you haven’t seen it.

I picked up a rad vintage Erica Wilson embroidery kit at our local restore for a quarter. Will I ever stitch up tiny key rings with crewel wool? I doubt it but I love the idea of kits, plus-25cents, you’d have to be pretty hard hearted to leave such a find languishing on the shelf.As the description on the package says “A perfect pair-power for him, beauty for her….” Wow, vintage mindset evident as well. What a find.

When my boys and I treat ourselves to an occasional mid week lunch at the Black Feather Cafe, we’ve gotten in the habit of also stepping across the street to Weaver’s Bottom Studio to browse. Neil and Mary Colmer have created a shop full of their hand made whimsical fairy houses, beguiling cornhusk dolls, and functional woven goods. Most recently I found out Neil weaves yardage of monk's cloth. I’d never heard of it, but was fascinated by the creamy cotton threads forming a delicate, yet chunky grid-like a big scale aida cloth.

I have no idea what I will make with it, but am so pleased to have bought a piece of this lovely fabric.

Unrelated-If anyone out there wears plastic Birkenstock clogs like I do- I've found Krylon Fusion spray paint works great to make them look like new: