Rainbow Wrapped Wreath

We have been clearing brush on our land for months now. Honeysuckle goes directly to the burn pile, but Strider has taken to winding wreaths of wild grapevines as we tug them out of the trees. It just takes a few satisfying moments to twist a wreath into shape. As a result, we have a growing stack of wreaths in all sizes-what to DO with them has become the question. Here is my first (very simple) idea.

Easy as embroidery floss wrapped tightly around grape vine to create shimmering glints of color. Want to make one?

Grapevine wreath
Embroidery floss-12 to 14 colors -I used 2 or 3 shades of each color of the rainbow

Tacky glue
Curved needle

1. Lay the floss around the perimeter of the wreath to determine placement of the bands of color. Look for areas of vine with a bit of space around them, or loose from the rest of the vines.

2. I found prying up the vine I’m working on and wedging an eraser in the gap creates space for my fingertips to work. If the vines are still too tight, use a curved needle to wrap the floss around the vines. Tie a 18-36 inch piece of floss around a vine, slide the knot out of sight in the back.

Lay the knot tail parallel to the vine and wrap it along with the vine for a few wraps before trimming the tail.

Keeping the floss taunt as you work, wrap the vine until you have 3 inches or so of unwrapped floss. Tie a knot around the vine, and trim the knot tail to ½ inch.

Dab a bit of glue on the knot tail and smooth it out of sight on the back of the wrapped vine. 

3. Repeat wrapping for all the colors.