Twigs and leather

First up, I am happy to say that Julian and I did another carving tutorial together and this time it's in the newest issue of WhipUp's Action Pack Issue 7: Sticks and Stones.

Aimed at 7-12 year old children, the e-magazine has no ads and is rich with simple, creative and open-ended projects. This newest issue is wonderful, I can't wait to share it with my boys. See more of what's in this issue.

Yesterday I worked on some last-minute Halloween costume preparations. My boys and Laura's boys are all going as the same character- Link from the video game Zelda, and they all needed some belts for their tunics. I happily returned to my leatherworking table to make four small belts with brass buckles and rivets. 

It's delightful to start with a raw and rough piece of leather and make something useful and beautiful.

To complete the transformation, the leather has been edged, softened, stained, oiled and burnished. Then punching holes and adding a buckle and two sturdy rivets make it a belt. It's a simple process and it was a meditative way to spend my Sunday afternoon.

I also helped the boys sitch leather pouches to hold their ocarinas. Now we just need to make some twig bows with leather carrying straps and we will be ready to Trick or Treat tonight.