Although we moved into our little building at the beginning of this month, we still have a lot to do for it to be a finished space instead of a construction site. Since we moved in we have added a sink (with a bucket under it for a on the way), kitchen counter, pantry, coat closet, and bookshelves:

They are built in-we framed the wall with 2 x 8 lumber to make it deep enough for book shelves between the studs. The plywood on the back is the wall in the boys room:

It is so nice to have some of our books unpacked! Our composting out house is working out fine, it is a sweet little building:

We don't have electricity or phone-or internet-so when we need to use one of these new fangled marvels we walk up to Teresa's-my mother in law. The trail there is just the right length and winds through the tall part of the meadow:


Our weekends have remained our primary work sessions, and today was a beautiful fall day with lots of projects going on inside and out. Happily, just when I was about to take a break and sit in the sun, I came across my hammock in my unpacking: