Season Signs

Fall is upon us and our first frost is predicted for this week. Here are some seasonal things we've enjoyed this week.

We were suprised by the first fruting of Wine Cap and Oyster mushrooms that we did get planted. It's raining today, but it has been really dry, so we haven't been on the lookout for fruiting. The wine caps were incredibly camoflauged in the straw and leaves and were too mature to eat by the time we spotted them but still lovely to look at. Also, they were huge! The big one was at least 5.5 inches across. The oyster mushrooms though, they are just-right and will be a nice addition to some soup I'm making tomorrow.

I planted lots of garlic. 

We're enjoying the last of the zinnias. I planted them late and they just got going a couple weeks ago, but I'm happy we had at least a few blooms to admire.

We were delighted to receive this little guy via a seasonal table swap I participated in over on Ravelry. Isn't he sweet? I mailed a couple Lantern Children for my contribution. I am looking forward to the next swap already.