Calendars for the new year

Do you like calendars? I do. I have three new calendars in my life this new year. 

Laura gave me two. First, we have a tradition of enjoying the Art Page a Day Calendar from the Metropolitan Meuseum of Art. She bought one for herself but then my mom gave her one, so I was the lucky duck to get the extra one.

Image from Amazon

There is a photo of a piece of art every weekday and each weekend and my boys and I both like to see what's new. Also, at the end of the year, the many pages of artwork are great for art projects. 

I have a new wall calendar thanks to Laura too. The Endeavor 2011 Nicki McClure calendar is full of beautiful clean illustrations that I will be happy to have around for a month. 

Image from Buy Olympia

Laura and I were on the same twin calendar wavelength because I bought a calendar for her for Christmas and got one for myself too, the We'Moon 2011 Datebook

Image from We'Moon

This one has lots of art and information as well as space for charting my busy social calendar- ha. 

I also just bought a new sketchbook for 2011, and have begun filling it with new project brainstorming. Tonight I have been cleaning my studio, removing the final traces of Christmas projects and I am ready to move forward with new ideas and knitting.